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Malibu's Full Spectrum of Obedience Training Programs are Second to None

Malibu offers all levels of Obedience Training including:

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The Real Home of "Cageless Boarding"

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Good manners are our prime concern in order for your pet to blend into your lifestyle - not the other way around.

  • Housebreaking

  • Nipping

  • Jumping

  • Pulling

  • Chewing

  • Off-Leash Training

  • Litter Box Training

We offer the following methods:

1st choice: Your pet can stay here at our "Doggie Training Camp". We have created a real home environment, in which we give optimum training benefits to your pet. Our camp ranges from 7 to 21 days. Also available are programs just for house breaking, for all breeds. We also offer litter box training for toy breeds.


2nd choice: We can give your pet obedience training in the privacy of your own home. We offer this service 7 days per week, and evening hours are also available.


3rd choice: We offer 1 hour obedience lessons here at our facility on a per lesson basis. No contracts to sign. If you are pleased with the results you may continue. If not you have no obligation. Lessons are available only by appointment, 7 days a week.


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