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Malibu Pet Hotel has always strived to create the safest environment for your pet and in doing so our boarding requirements reduce exposure to kennel cough, dog flu, and many other diseases that can be easily transmitted.


The Real Home of "Cageless Boarding"

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The Real Home of "Cageless Boarding"

No Vet

No Grooming

No Pet Food Store

No Boarding

Verifying Shots

Shots Needed

No Interaction

Failure to Comply

We need a perfect window of time where your pet is transferred from your home to our facility.

14 days prior to boarding, your do cannot go to a dog run, dog show, day care facility, or any other place where there are other dogs.

If shots are needed for your pet, they must be given at least 14 days prior to your boarding with us.

We will also need to verify your shot records prior to setting up your pet’s reservation for boarding or grooming. To do this, we will need your pet groomer’s phone numbers as well as your permission to obtain these records.


We will not accept a pet for boarding that has been boarded at person’s home, kennel, vet, or any facility that houses more than your pet.

14 days prior to boarding, your pet may not go to any pet food facility where other animals are.

Your pet may not go to the groomer 14 days before boarding. That includes baths, nail and ear cleaning.

14 days prior to boarding and we mean no vet. That includes nail clipping, ear cleaning, shots, and wellness checkups.

These necessary rules will unfortunately result in Malibu Pet Hotel not accepting your pet for boarding.


We hope you understand we are enforcing these rules to provide the safest environment possible for your pet.


Thank you for your cooperation. It is greatly appreciated.


No Exceptions


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